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Name Ideas for Summer Babies

Name Ideas for Summer BabiesWarm summer days stretching into long summer nights. Lemonade. Sun dresses. Crickets chirping at night. That’s what I’ve always thought summer should feel like. I live in San Francisco though, so my summer days are usually foggy and improved by a warm sweater. We get our summer weather in October.

Name Ideas for Summer Babies

No matter what your summer is like, June 21st marks the summer solstice – the official beginning of summer and the longest day of the year. If you’re having a summertime baby, you may want some seasonal inspiration. Here’s a list of some lovely baby name ideas for summer babies:

  • AKIRA – (Japanese) “dawn”
  • AURORA – (Latin) “dawn”
  • DAWN
  • DAY
  • HORATIA / HORATIO – (Latin) “timekeeper”
  • JULY
  • JUNE
  • KIA – (African) “season’s start”
  • NATSU – (Japanese) “born in summer”
  • NYSSA – (Greek) “beginning”
  • ORIANA / ORIA – (Latin) “sunrise”
  • ROXANE / ROXIE – (Persian) “dawn”
  • SABA – (Arabic) “morning”
  • SOMERSET – (English) “summer town”
  • THEROS – (Greek) “summer”
  • USHA – (Sanskrit) “sunrise”
  • ZORA – (Slavic) “dawn”

Ask me on a different day and I may have a different favorite, but despite being a little on the nose for a summertime baby, June and Summer are names I have always loved. What about you? What season do you think inspires the best baby names?

More Summer Baby Name Ideas

If you’re looking for more baby name inspiration, check out my book Baby Names Made Easy. It’s a reverse dictionary, so you can find a names with meanings you love.

Happy naming ♥ Amanda


6 thoughts on “Name Ideas for Summer Babies

    1. Hi Enny- It’s a cute name! Is it short for something? If not, the closest I’ve found is Ena/Enya/Ennya, which is Irish and means “fire” – which is a great meaning!


      1. Its not short for anything.! But my family loves unique names.! I dont think their is one person in my family that doesnt have a unique name.! We never find the meaning or anything else with our names on it.!
        Telvy (my mom)
        Nery (g-pa)
        Nusly (aunt)
        Kelita (aunt)
        Inder (uncle)
        Landoni (uncle)
        Joty (aunt)
        Zabdy ( cousin )
        Daires (cousin)
        Sasharie (cousin)
        Merary (cousin
        Wanner (uncle)
        Magalis (g-ma)
        Yayo (uncle)
        Yamiliah (cousin)
        And sooo on 😊

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