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Mary Beard’s “Meet the Romans”…and Their Names

This weekend I watched Meet the Romans (it’s available on Amazon Prime if you’re a member). Loved it! The fabulous Mary Beard is a great host and I love how she focuses on the daily life of average people. If you ever go to a museum with me, I’ll drag you to the exhibit that has things like hairbrushes and cooking utensils. It’s amazing to see what people like me lived like. Despite how different our lives are, we’re still so much alike.

The reason I’m blogging about this show is because Ms. Beard seems to be a kindred spirit where names are concerned. In the show, she points out some of her favorite/interesting names and stories:

An awesome tomboy with red hair and… a mullet?:

Geminiae Agathe

A murder victim and his wife (who made his tombstone):

Julius Timotheus

Otacilia Narcissa

Young girl killed in a fire:


A couple who ran an inn:

Lucius Calidius Eroticus (!) – Ms. Beard translates this to “Mr. Hot Sex” (!!)

Fannia Voluptati – this one is “Madame Gorgeous”

What was going on in this inn…?


Vettia Erotice

A few other young girls who met tragic ends:

Primae Florentia

Miniciae Marcellae

Junia (one of my all-time favorite names from Ancient Rome)

An ex-slave with a surprising domestic life (you’ll have to watch this one for yourself):

Allia (very pretty name!)

Ms. Beard and I even had a mini-Twitter chat about our favorite Ancient Roman names:

What’s your favorite Ancient Roman name?

Happy naming ♥ Amanda

PS – Please forgive any misspellings – the tombstones and signs were sometimes difficult to read.

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