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Name of the Week: Adeline

The Name of the Week is Adeline. What do you think? I love it. Let me count the reasons: It has an awesome meaning – “noble” It has cute nickname potential with Addie, Ada, or Lina It has a nice vintage feel without feeling out-of-date It’s not too popular yet – it’s only ranked #214… Continue reading Name of the Week: Adeline

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Easter Baby Name Ideas

If you’re having an Easter baby, consider these options: GIRLS Anastasia (Greek = resurrection) Aviva (Hebrew = renewal) Bird/Birdie Lily Mary Magdalena Renata (Italian = reborn) BOYS Francis Joseph Luke Pasquale (Italian = Easter) Peter Renee / Rene (French = reborn)   If you have an Easter baby, let me know! Happy naming ♥ Amanda  

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The Baby Names Made Easy Blog is Back!

Hello Friends! Technology is amazing and frustrating all rolled into one. The lovely website I operated for years just up and disappeared one day. I spent ages battling that and trying to recover my posts and website information, all to no avail. An expert told me that the data was corrupted, which basically means that… Continue reading The Baby Names Made Easy Blog is Back!