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Character Naming for #NaNoWriMo : A Resource Guide

character naming resource guide for #nanowrimoWhat are you naming your characters?

If you don’t know the answer to that question, you may want to check out my Character Naming Resource Guide:

I gathered all these resources together to save writers time. The guide includes:

  • Links to handy websites
  • The best name books
  • Character naming advice
  • Character name quizzes on each page

Let me know what you name your characters and why. Good luck, writers!

Happy naming ♥ Amanda

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Ask Amanda: I have “Baby Name Regret,” what now?

This edition of ASK AMANDA is a tough one. What do you do when you’ve already named your baby and then you change your mind? Ask Amanda My baby girl was born last year and now she’s 6 months old. I’m really confused because I think I gave her the wrong name. I love her… Continue reading Ask Amanda: I have “Baby Name Regret,” what now?

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Mary Beard’s “Meet the Romans”…and Their Names

This weekend I watched Meet the Romans (it’s available on Amazon Prime if you’re a member). Loved it! The fabulous Mary Beard is a great host and I love how she focuses on the daily life of average people. If you ever go to a museum with me, I’ll drag you to the exhibit that… Continue reading Mary Beard’s “Meet the Romans”…and Their Names

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Name Ideas for Thanksgiving Babies

My gift to you this Thanksgiving? Pilgrim names. Doesn’t sound exciting? Trust me, the Pilgrims had some awesome names. Today, I bring you the list of passengers on the Mayflower. Sure there are 3 ELIZABETHs, 5 MARYs, 6 EDWARDs, 7 WILLIAMs and a whopping 13 JOHNs, but there are some one-of-a-kind gems here, too. Boys… Continue reading Name Ideas for Thanksgiving Babies

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A New Nickname for Anthony

I’ve been listening to the totally engrossing podcast Phoebe’s Fall from the Sydney Morning Herald. It’s about the tragic death of Phoebe Handsjuk. I highly recommend it, but beware that it may be difficult material for some to hear. If you liked NPR’s Serial, then you’ll like this one. I look for interesting names wherever… Continue reading A New Nickname for Anthony

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Westworld: The Hidden Meaning Behind the Character Names

Are You Watching Westworld? I’ve watched the first three episodes of HBO’s new show Westworld and I’m hooked. As soon as I saw that the main character’s name was Dolores, I knew that the character names might reveal some hidden clues about the show. Dolores means “lady of sorrows,” so this was a huge glittery… Continue reading Westworld: The Hidden Meaning Behind the Character Names

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Poldark Fans! Let’s Talk about the Name Demelza

Between being excited that Season 2 of Poldark has started last night on PBS and desperately wanting to take a Viking Cruise, I found myself needing to learn more about the name Demelza. I’m not the only one, right? Here’s what I learned… the name Demelza comes from a Cornish place name – Demelza, in… Continue reading Poldark Fans! Let’s Talk about the Name Demelza