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Christmas Baby Name Ideas

Christmas is a joyful time of year. If you’re adding a baby to your family, then your Christmas is full of even more blessings than usual. If the idea of giving your Christmas baby a Christmassy name appeals to you, consider one of the names on this list:


  • CAROL – (French) joyful song, Christmas song
  • EMMANUEL – (Hebrew) God is with us (“O come, O come, Emmanuel”)
  • IVY
  • JOY
  • NATALIE – (French) birthday, especially Christmas day [there are so many beautiful variations of this name – Natalaine is one of my favorites! – see BABY NAMES MADE EASY for more versions]
  • NATASHA – (Russian) birthday, especially Christmas day
  • NOELLE | NOËL – (French) to be born (refers to the birth of Jesus)
  • YULE

If you want to celebrate Christmas all year round with a holiday-inspired name, one of these names might be perfect for your baby. I have dozens more names with Christian meanings in my book for parents looking for religious baby names.

Happy naming ♥ Amanda

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