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Winter Olympics Baby Name Ideas

Baby Names Inspired by Olympic Athletes

I always enjoy watching the Olympics. I’m a sports fan in general, so watching the world’s best athletes come together and compete in the Olympics is right up my alley. Sports-viewing is also prime baby name inspiration territory.

Sporty Girl Baby Name IdeasWinter Olympics Baby Name Ideas

Some of my favorites girl names from the 2022 Winter Olympics are:

  • TABITHA Peterson, curling
  • CHLOE Kim, snowboarding
  • MARIAH Bell, figure skating
  • ROSIE Brennan, cross-country skiing
  • SAVANNAH Harmon, hockey
  • EUNICE Lee, speed skating
  • KAYSHA Love, bobsled
  • TESSA Maud, snowboarding
  • BRITA Sigourney, freestyle skiing
  • WINTER Vinecki, freestyle skiing
  • SUMMER Britcher, luge
  • NOVIE McCade, cross-country skiing
  • FAYE Gulini, snowboarding
  • ELANA Meyers Taylor, bobsled
  • BRADIE Tennell, figure skating

Sporty Boy Baby Name Ideas

Some of my favorites boy names from the 2022 Winter Olympics are:

  • NATHAN Chen, figure skating
  • DECKER Dean, ski jumping
  • REDMOND “Red” Gerard, snowboarding
  • JASPER Good, Nordic combined
  • DUSTY Henricksen, snowboarding
  • EMERY Lehman, speed skating
  • COLE McDonald, freestyle skiing
  • GUS Schumacher, cross-country skiing
  • TUCKER West, luge
  • MICK Dierdorff, snowboarding
  • MAC Forehand, freestyle skiing
  • RIVER Radamus, alpine skiing
  • CARLO Valdes, bobsled

What are your favorite winter Olympian-inspired baby names?

Okay, back to watching curling… every four years I get a little obsessed with curling. I’m not the only one, right? I’ve never played it, but it’s on my bucket list.

More Baby Name Inspiration

If you’re looking for more winter and sport-themed names, check out my book Baby Names Made Easy.

Happy naming, Amanda


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