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Happy Potter Name Trivia (aka J. K. Rowling is a Genius)

Did you know that Harry Potter’s owl, Hedwig, was named after St. Hedwig, the patron saint of orphaned children? Did you know that Sirius Black was named after the “Dog star” Sirius? His animagus is a dog, naturally. What about Professor McGonagall? Her first name is Minerva and Minerva is the Roman goddess of wisdom.

J. K. Rowling put careful thought into *everything* when writing these books, even the character names. That’s why we all fell in love with her stories.

If you like name trivia and happen to be a Harry Potter fan, here’s a great BuzzFeed article that talks about some of the clever naming tricks J. K. Rowling used in the books.

What’s your favorite Harry Potter name? I think mine is Hermione.

Happy naming ♥ Amanda

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