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Poldark Fans! Let’s Talk about the Name Demelza

TV Show-Inspired Baby Name Idea: Demelza

Let's talk about the name Demelza | www.amandabarden.comBetween being excited that Season 2 of Poldark has started last night on PBS and desperately wanting to take a Viking Cruise, I found myself needing to learn more about the name Demelza. I’m not the only one, right?

Here’s what I learned… the name Demelza comes from a Cornish place name – Demelza, in the parish of St. Wenn in Cornwall. According to the Oxford Dictionary of First Names, Demelza’s use as a first name started in the 1950s. The name got a boost from the first BBC version of Poldark which, according to IMDB, aired in the late 1970s. While examining this page, I noticed that the man playing Poldark is missing that…something that Aidan Turner has. Maybe it’s the hair?

Anyhow, I wouldn’t be surprised if the name Demelza sees another boost this go round. However, the name has never shown up on the Social Security charts in the US so this might be a good pick if you’re looking for something very rare.

What do you think? Are you a fan of Demelza?

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Happy naming ♥ Amanda

PS – Demelza is also a book-inspired baby name idea since the TV show is based on Winston Graham’s Poldark book series.

PPS – One more thing before I go, I have to add that Horace the pug steals the show. Horace is an excellent pet name.


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