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Nautical Baby Names

Antique-Ship-Engraving-GraphicsFairyNautical nurseries have been popular for awhile – it’s actually one of the most requested LetterLuxe themes and there’s no sign of it slowing down any time soon. It started off being mostly popular for boys, but now it’s popular for girl nurseries, too.

Water-Themed Baby Name Ideas

This post is for all the nautical-minded parents-to-be out there. If you’re interested in a nautical-themed nursery, you just might like a nautical name to match. Here are some good ones:

  • ATHENA – (Greek) “from the sea”
  • BAY
  • BO – (Chinese) “waves”
  • DORI / DORIS – (Greek) “from the ocean”
  • DYLAN – (Welsh) “sea”
  • ESTES – (Spanish) “tide”
  • HURLEY – (Irish) “sea tide”
  • ILA – (French) “from the island”
  • KAI – (Hawaiian) “sea”
  • KELSON – (English) “ship keel”
  • KELVIN – (English) “ship lover”
  • KYLA / KYLE – (Gaelic) “narrow strait”
  • LAINE – (Finnish) “wave”
  • LISBON – (Phoenician) “good harbor, good water”
  • MAREN / MARINA / MARIS / MARISSA – (Latin) “sea”
  • MARINO – (Latin) “of the sea; sailor”
  • MARNA – (Scandinavian) “sea”
  • MARVIN – (English) “friend of the sea”
  • MERRICK – (English) “ruler of the sea”
  • MERYL / MERRILL – (Celtic) “bright sea”
  • MORGAN – (Welsh) “bright sea”
  • NAMI – (Japanese) “wave”
  • NERISSA – (Greek) “sea sprite, from the sea”
  • OCÉANE – (Greek) “ocean”
  • REMI / REMY – (French) “oarsman”
  • SKIPPER – (Dutch) “ship’s captain”
  • TAO – (Chinese) “big waves”
  • YOSHIE – (Japanese) “good bay”
  • ZALE – (Greek) “strong sea”

If you ask me tomorrow, I might have a different favorite, but today, I love Ila – it’s unique, has a lovely ring to it, and has a nice meaning (especially if you do happen to be from an island). What is your favorite name from the list?

More Baby Name Ideas

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Happy naming ♥ Amanda

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Nautical Letter Sets by LetterLuxe

2 thoughts on “Nautical Baby Names

  1. I love this! My favorites from this list are probably Athena, Doris, and Merrick.

    I might also include deity names on a nautical name list, since there are so many sea gods (especially in the Greek tradition) that even if they don’t actually mean “sea” or “ocean” they still have that association. I’m thinking Poseidon, Nereus, etc.

    Sometimes I’ll also think about historical ship or admiral names, like Hermione or Horatio. There are really so many names out there that have a nautical or maritime background!

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