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Character Naming for #NaNoWriMo : A Resource Guide

character naming resource guide for #nanowrimoWhat are you naming your characters?

If you don’t know the answer to that question, you may want to check out my Character Naming Resource Guide:

I gathered all these resources together to save writers time. The guide includes:

  • Links to handy websites
  • The best name books
  • Character naming advice
  • Character name quizzes on each page

Let me know what you name your characters and why. Good luck, writers!

Happy naming ♥ Amanda

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Mary Beard’s “Meet the Romans”…and Their Names

This weekend I watched Meet the Romans (it’s available on Amazon Prime if you’re a member). Loved it! The fabulous Mary Beard is a great host and I love how she focuses on the daily life of average people. If you ever go to a museum with me, I’ll drag you to the exhibit that… Continue reading Mary Beard’s “Meet the Romans”…and Their Names

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Name Ideas for Thanksgiving Babies

My gift to you this Thanksgiving? Pilgrim names. Doesn’t sound exciting? Trust me, the Pilgrims had some awesome names. Today, I bring you the list of passengers on the Mayflower. Sure there are 3 ELIZABETHs, 5 MARYs, 6 EDWARDs, 7 WILLIAMs and a whopping 13 JOHNs, but there are some one-of-a-kind gems here, too. Boys… Continue reading Name Ideas for Thanksgiving Babies

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Poldark Fans! Let’s Talk about the Name Demelza

Between being excited that Season 2 of Poldark has started last night on PBS and desperately wanting to take a Viking Cruise, I found myself needing to learn more about the name Demelza. I’m not the only one, right? Here’s what I learned… the name Demelza comes from a Cornish place name – Demelza, in… Continue reading Poldark Fans! Let’s Talk about the Name Demelza

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3 Ideas for What to Do When You and Your Partner Disagree Over Baby Names

It’s no surprise that soon-to-be parents won’t always agree on everything, no two people could. But what do you do when you can’t agree on a name for your baby? Here are three ideas for how you can get on the same page about baby names: MAKE TWO LISTS OF NAMES: Both parents should separately… Continue reading 3 Ideas for What to Do When You and Your Partner Disagree Over Baby Names

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Ancient Roman Baby Name Ideas

We can thank Ancient Rome for a lot of cool things: aqueducts, roads, early forms of newspapers, bound books, and our calendar is even based on the Julian calendar. They also gave us some pretty cool names. All old things become new again, so maybe it’s time to resurrect one of these ancient baby names.… Continue reading Ancient Roman Baby Name Ideas

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Take the Stress Out of Baby Naming

BANISH STRESS Believe me, I know how important names are. I spent so much time thinking about names that I decided to write a book about them. That said, I’ve heard from a lot of stressed out soon-to-be-parents – and even some parents who regretted their name choices months after their babies were born. Yikes!… Continue reading Take the Stress Out of Baby Naming