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Winter Olympics Baby Name Ideas

Baby Names Inspired by Olympic Athletes I always enjoy watching the Olympics. I’m a sports fan in general, so watching the world’s best athletes come together and compete in the Olympics is right up my alley. Sports-viewing is also prime baby name inspiration territory. Sporty Girl Baby Name Ideas Some of my favorites girl names… Continue reading Winter Olympics Baby Name Ideas

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Ancient Roman Baby Name Ideas

Ancient Roman Baby Name Ideas We can thank Ancient Rome for a lot of cool things: aqueducts, roads, early forms of newspapers, bound books, and our calendar is even based on the Julian calendar. They also gave us some pretty cool names. All old things become new again, so maybe it’s time to resurrect one… Continue reading Ancient Roman Baby Name Ideas

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And the winner of The Great British Baking Show Season 3 *NAME EDITION* is … Flora!

TV-SHOW INSPIRED BABY NAME IDEA: FLORA I don’t know who the best baker will be (No spoilers…), but I’m crowning Flora as the baker with the most trend-setting name. There was a time when Flora would have sounded very out-of-date, but today it has that charming antique quality so many parents want. SOME NAME FACTS… Continue reading And the winner of The Great British Baking Show Season 3 *NAME EDITION* is … Flora!


POLL: Is it Harder to Choose Names for Girls or Boys?

A bunch of soon-to-be parents I’ve talked to have said things like, “I have a bunch of names picked out for girls, but no ideas for boys” or “Boys’ names are easy, but there are too many choices for girls!” Is this you? I’ve talked to parents who fall on both sides of gender debate.… Continue reading POLL: Is it Harder to Choose Names for Girls or Boys?

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30+ Name Ideas for 4th of July Babies

4th of July Baby Name Ideas The National Anthem never fails to make me tear up. I don’t know what it is, but every time “our flags are still there,” I’m reminded to always be hopeful, even when things look bleak, to always fight for what is right, even when it’s difficult, and to always… Continue reading 30+ Name Ideas for 4th of July Babies

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Name Ideas for Summer Babies

Warm summer days stretching into long summer nights. Lemonade. Sun dresses. Crickets chirping at night. That’s what I’ve always thought summer should feel like. I live in San Francisco though, so my summer days are usually foggy and improved by a warm sweater. We get our summer weather in October. Name Ideas for Summer Babies… Continue reading Name Ideas for Summer Babies

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Floral Baby Name Ideas

I’m not sure there’s anything as cheerful as a bouquet of flowers. They’re simple, but so pretty and they’re the perfect gift for almost any occasion. As it happens, they’re also the basis for some of the most lovely baby names. Flower-Inspired Baby Name Ideas I’ve put together a list of some charming floral-inspired baby… Continue reading Floral Baby Name Ideas

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Baby Name Ideas for Beach Lovers

Do you daydream about your next trip to the beach? If summer is your favorite time of year and sandy flipflops, a beach blanket, and cool ocean waves are the recipe for your perfect day, then beach-themed baby names might be the answer to your baby-naming needs. Beach Baby Name Ideas Here’s a list of… Continue reading Baby Name Ideas for Beach Lovers

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A Rainbow of Baby Names: Names with Colorful Meanings

What’s your favorite color? Do you love it enough to consider using it as inspiration for your baby’s name? There’s always been a special place in my heart for names with color meanings. When I was researching Baby Names Made Easy, I always did a little happy dance when I found a new name for… Continue reading A Rainbow of Baby Names: Names with Colorful Meanings