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30+ Name Ideas for 4th of July Babies

4th of July Baby Name Ideas

Baby name ideas for 4th of july birthsThe National Anthem never fails to make me tear up. I don’t know what it is, but every time “our flags are still there,” I’m reminded to always be hopeful, even when things look bleak, to always fight for what is right, even when it’s difficult, and to always cherish my freedom, because many heroes and heroines died to give me that right and there are many people throughout the world who do not know what it means to be free.

With these thoughts in mind, I decided to put together a list of baby names with inspirational meanings related to the brave heroes and heroines that helped launch the revolution, write our Declaration of Independence, and bring us the freedom we still enjoy today.

Here are my favorite baby name ideas for 4th of July babies:

  • AMORY – (German) “brave power”
  • ANDREW / DREW – (Greek) “manly, courageous”
  • ASHA – (Sanskrit) “hope”
  • BLAIR – (Gaelic) “battlefield”
  • DARA – (English) “compassionate, courageous” – two wonderful sentiments together!
  • EDIE / EDITH – (English) “prosperity in war”
  • ELOISE – (French) “famous warrior”
  • FRANKLIN – (English) “free person”
  • HARVEY – (English) “battle worthy”
  • HOPE
  • HUMPHREY – (German) “peaceful warrior”
  • JOSS – (Celtic) “victor”
  • KANOA – (Hawaiian) “free”
  • KEENA – (Irish) “courageous”
  • KINCAID – (Scottish) “military leader”
  • LOUISA / LOUIS – (Latin) “famous warrior”
  • LUTHER – (German) “people’s army”
  • MATILDA / TILDA / TILLY – (German) “strength in battle”
  • MAUD / MAUDE – (German) “strength in battle”
  • MILES – (Latin) “soldier”
  • QUINN – (English) “leader”
  • RIDER – (English) “mounted warrior”
  • RILEY – (Irish) “fiery, courageous”
  • ROONEY – (Gaelic) “champion”
  • TRAYNOR – (Irish) “champion”
  • TYRA – (Scandinavian) “warrior”
  • VERONICA – (Greek) “victory bringer”
  • VON – (Norse) “hope”
  • WILLARD – (English) “willful bravery”
  • WYATT – (English) “strength in battle”

What is your favorite name from the list? Right now, I’m especially loving LIBERTY, with LIBBY as a cute nickname, WYATT, and EDIE. Do you have a favorite 4th of July-inspired name?

More Baby Name Ideas

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Happy naming ♥ Amanda

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