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Names Inspired by Beverly Cleary (in honor of her 100th birthday!)

Beverly Cleary word cloudHappy 100th birthday, Beverly Cleary! I have such wonderful memories of reading your books growing up. I remember reading Dear Mr. Henshaw aloud to my mom one summer when I was learning to read. I remember a teacher reading Ralph S. Mouse to the class. But mostly I remember Beezus and Ramona… My favorite!

In honor of this milestone birthday, I thought it would be nice to get some name inspiration from Beverly Cleary’s wonderful books. Here are some great name options:

  • BEATRICE -aka Beezus
  • OTIS
  • RAMONA – this is my favorite of all the names- it’s unique, a little quirky, and so sweet

Bonus pet name – RIBSY – I bet there are more than a few pets who’ve been named after Ribsy over the years 🙂

More Baby Name Ideas

For more baby name ideas, get a copy of my book Baby Names Made Easy.

Happy naming, ♥ Amanda


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