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Names Inspired by Beverly Cleary (in honor of her 100th birthday!)

Happy 100th birthday, Beverly Cleary! I have such wonderful memories of reading your books growing up. I remember reading Dear Mr. Henshaw aloud to my mom one summer when I was learning to read. I remember a teacher reading Ralph S. Mouse to the class. But mostly I remember Beezus and Ramona… My favorite! In… Continue reading Names Inspired by Beverly Cleary (in honor of her 100th birthday!)


Alice in Wonderland Nursery Decor

I absolutely love to repurpose used books for LetterLuxe. I was thrilled when I got an order for a full name in my Alice in Wonderland theme. I absolutely love how they turned out so I wanted to share some of the pictures with you.   So far I’ve done Alice in Wonderland, The Cat… Continue reading Alice in Wonderland Nursery Decor

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Poet-Inspired Names in Honor of National Poetry Month

How do I love names? Let me count the ways… Ok, that’s not *exactly* what Elizabeth Barrett Browning wrote, but I think I’m allowed some poetic license since this is National Poetry Month. In honor of this  celebration, I put together a list of poet-inspired names: AUDEN – W. H. Auden BARRETT – Elizabeth Barrett… Continue reading Poet-Inspired Names in Honor of National Poetry Month

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Name of the Week: Levi

The Name of the Week is Levi. What do you think? Yay or nay? Here’s what makes it a great name: Levi has a great meaning – “together” – this has a very positive vibe to it If you want to avoid nicknames, Levi is a great choice – you might get a few Lees… Continue reading Name of the Week: Levi

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Happy Potter Name Trivia (aka J. K. Rowling is a Genius)

Did you know that Harry Potter’s owl, Hedwig, was named after St. Hedwig, the patron saint of orphaned children? Did you know that Sirius Black was named after the “Dog star” Sirius? His animagus is a dog, naturally. What about Professor McGonagall? Her first name is Minerva and Minerva is the Roman goddess of wisdom.

J. K. Rowling put careful thought into *everything* when writing these books, even the character names. That’s why we all fell in love with her stories.

If you like name trivia and happen to be a Harry Potter fan, here’s a great BuzzFeed article that talks about some of the clever naming tricks J. K. Rowling used in the books.

What’s your favorite Harry Potter name? I think mine is Hermione.

Happy naming ♥ Amanda

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LetterLuxe Favorites

I’ve been busy making letters. Here are some of my recent favorites – I love all the different colors and themes:   “BABY” is the perfect choice if you don’t know the name or if you want to reuse the letters in your nursery for more than one child.   At the end of a… Continue reading LetterLuxe Favorites

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Name of the Week: Adeline

The Name of the Week is Adeline. What do you think? I love it. Let me count the reasons: It has an awesome meaning – “noble” It has cute nickname potential with Addie, Ada, or Lina It has a nice vintage feel without feeling out-of-date It’s not too popular yet – it’s only ranked #214… Continue reading Name of the Week: Adeline

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Easter Baby Name Ideas

If you’re having an Easter baby, consider these options: GIRLS Anastasia (Greek = resurrection) Aviva (Hebrew = renewal) Bird/Birdie Lily Mary Magdalena Renata (Italian = reborn) BOYS Francis Joseph Luke Pasquale (Italian = Easter) Peter Renee / Rene (French = reborn)   If you have an Easter baby, let me know! Happy naming ♥ Amanda