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‘Game of Thrones’ Inspired Baby Names

Not too long ago, I got a LetterLuxe order for the name Daenerys, so I know that some parents-to-be are inspired by the names from the hugely popular Game of Thrones. Lots of popular TV shows, movies, books, and celebrities work their way into our naming culture, so this isn’t a surprise. With the sixth season debuting this week on HBO, it seems like a good time to consider some of the names from this series.

WARNING: I’d recommend doing your homework before choosing any of these names – and that means reading the books, not just watching the TV show, which surely doesn’t tell the full story. After reading up on the character you might decide you don’t want to name your child after a murderous adulterer. Then again you might love the name so much you’re willing to overlook it. That’s for you to decide, not me.

That said, George R. R. Martin has a way with words and a way with names. Many of the names from this series are quite adventurous, but there are some great options worth noting. Here’s a list of some of the best and most usable names from Game of Thrones:

  • AREO
  • ARYA
  • ASHA

This list is heavily weighted with female names. I left out names like Jon and Jamie because they were too obvious and didn’t feel especially Game of Thrones-y. You know? Are there some great male names that you think should have made the list?

Another word of caution: The series isn’t finished yet. The sweet teddy bear of a character, Samwell, could take a nasty turn in the future (please, no!). But if we’ve learned anything from Game of Thrones, it’s proceed with caution…

Happy naming ♥ Amanda

Read the books


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