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Name of the Week: Isaac

Isaac Baby Name Meaning Art - Black frame - LetterLuxe Printables - WatermarkThe Name of the Week is Isaac. What do you think? This name’s meaning has always made me love it.

Here’s what’s great about Isaac:

  • Isaac: (Welsh) “to laugh” – I love names with happy meanings and laughter is about as happy as it gets.
  • Isaac is one of those names that has always been around, but never too popular. Since 1900, the lowest it’s ranked in 378 in 1967. The highest it’s ranked in 29 in 2013.

FUN FACT: Liev Schreiber’s full name is Isaac Liev Schreiber.

You can read about some other famous people named Isaac, like Isaac Newton, here.

What do you think of the name Isaac?

If you want to get a copy of my Isaac definition digital download, I sell them over in my LetterLuxe Printables shop. It makes a great baby shower gift.

Happy naming ♥ Amanda



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